We litigate on behalf of foreign and domestic clients, both corporate and individual, in federal and state courts of the United States.

Our practice is wide-ranging and includes disputes arising from cross-border and multi-jurisdictional transactions, unfair competition, theft of trade secrets and other intellectual property, securities fraud, licensing of technology, commercial fraud, racketeering, antitrust, trademark infringement, surety bonds, banking, lender liability and asset forfeiture, and recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments.

We also function as general litigation counsel, overseeing and coordinating our clients’ litigations simultaneously pending in several domestic and foreign jurisdictions.

We are experts in obtaining discovery in non-U.S. jurisdictions, both under federal rules and various conventions.

We also routinely assist foreign lawyers and clients in obtaining discovery in the U.S. in aid of litigations or arbitrations pending in foreign countries.

Among the clients our lawyers have recently represented are:
  • Cayman Islands company in a securities fraud action against a public company and its auditors;
  • Brazilian oil company Petrobras in an action on surety bonds against AIG and other sureties, resulting in a $374 million judgment in the client’s favor;
  • A leading U.S. automotive company in a successful defense of a Bolivian company’s effort to enforce an $11 million Bolivian judgment;
  • Brazilian bank in a U.S. federal action involving claims under a letter of credit totaling $250 million;
  • the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development and a German company for violation of non-competition agreement and breach of fiduciary duty against U.S., Korean and Russian companies;
  • France-based multinational company and its U.S. subsidiary in a defense of U.S. federal Lanham Act action;
  • large European financial institution in prosecution of civil RICO and fraud claims against a U.S. company and individuals;
  • Bahamanian company against U.S., BVI and Brazilian entities for breach of guaranties and promissory notes;
  • BVI, Nauru and Isle of Man companies in a federal fraud action against U.S. companies and nationals;
  • EU-based multinational corporation in several U.S. litigations against French and Belgian nationals for misappropriation of intellectual property and industrial trade secrets;
  • Canadian machine tool manufacturer in U.S. federal action for breach of contract against a New York company;
  • Brazilian nationals in New York litigations arising out of leasing transactions;
  • Argentine nationals in a New York federal litigation against an international bank;
  • Russian nationals in a New York litigation for theft and recovery of real estate and other assets;
  • a BVI company and Cayman Islands bank in an action against U.S.-based investment advisors for breach of fiduciary duty and contract;
  • Bolivian companies and nationals against claims brought by the Inter-American Development Bank;
  • Spanish company in a U.S. federal litigation brought by U.S. company for misappropriation of trade secrets;
  • U.S. subsidiary of a French global company in a federal action against Belgian, French and U.S. companies and nationals for violations of the Lanham Act (unfair competition);
  • a French company in a federal class action alleging violations of the Sherman Act (antitrust).

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