Attorneys and Counselors to Global Clients. We are among the premier international lawyers based in New York.


We litigate on behalf of foreign and domestic clients, both corporate and individual, in federal and state courts of the United States.


We represent domestic and foreign companies before all major international arbitration tribunals, as well as in ad hoc arbitrations.

Business & Commercial

We advise our clients, both foreign and domestic, on a range of corporate and business issues, particularly as these apply to closely-held companies and their owners.


Ours is one of the preeminent Art law practices in New York. Over decades of work in this field our lawyers have amassed vast experience in representing the interests of artists, collectors, galleries, art dealers, not-for-profit institutions, as well as businesses, organizations and individuals involved in the buying and selling of artworks.

Why Rivkin Law Group

We are experts in our field. Few lawyers can match our knowledge of what it takes to successfully represent a client in an international matter – be it litigation, arbitration, negotiation or transaction. We are not only experts in the law but in all of the practical aspects of leading a client through a process that is often to him new and unfamiliar. Our expertise allows us to take the shortest possible route to get to the result our client wants.
We have honed out skills in international law in the course of decades of work and hundreds of litigations, arbitrations and transactions. We have no learning curve. We tread no unchartered waters. International law is not a side practice for us. It is what we’ve done our entire careers and continue to do day in and day out.
We take pride in being narrow-minded when it comes to our clients. Our focus is always and solely on our clients’ interests and their ultimate goal. In litigation and arbitration this means winning the case or positioning it for a favorable settlement. In a transaction or negotiation it means getting the client the deal he wants. We are tenacious and relentless. We plan our strategy thoroughly, but we also recognize that few battle plans survive the first shot, and we stand ready to adapt and maneuver when necessary. Our expertise and experience allows us to do this better than our opponents.
Our clients often come from backgrounds in legal systems and traditions vastly different from ours. We know these systems and traditions well. Because we do, we function not only as our clients’ advocates but as interpreters and guides as well. We make sure our clients know what to expect in an American legal proceeding or international arbitration by explaining it to them on their own terms. Our clients are always prepared and never surprised.
International litigation and arbitration often raise issues of foreign law, foreign discovery, service of process in other countries, enforcement of foreign judgments and a multitude other issues for which assistance of foreign professionals is required. One of our main assets is our vast network of foreign lawyers, investigators and experts who are among the leading practitioners in their fields. These are trusted professionals we know personally, with many of whom we have worked for a long time. They stand ready to assist us in protecting our clients’ interests.
We aim to provide exceptional value to our clients. This means competitive rates for highest quality work. We also recognize that for our clients legal fees are a budget item that requires a degree of certainty. We always provide realistic estimates and make sure to honor them. When feasible, we will cap our fees on a particular matter or a stage in the proceeding. In limited cases we will agree to a combination of a reduced hourly rate and contingency. As in all our work, we keep our client’s interests firmly in mind.

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